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In-Depth Research

Although Principia College isn’t known as a research institution in the way that large state universities are, there are still a multitude of ways to dig deeper, work side-by-side with professors, and prepare yourself to stand out in your future career. The Principia difference is that you won't just be a cog in some seldom-seen professor’s large research project, but will have the opportunity to drive your own future with hands-on experiences that fit your goals.

Whether you partner with a professor for an on-campus summer research project on controlling invasive species with an autonomous robot or travel to Cyprus to study sea turtles, Principia College has the research opportunities you’re looking for or the connections to get you where you want to go.

On-Campus Research Opportunities

Want more time in the lab, field, or library? Spend a summer on campus as a Research Assistant, working alongside a faculty member. Projects span a range of disciplines—from biology to art history—and funding covers room and board. Recently, our students have taken a deep-dive into helping control invasive bush honeysuckle with a robot that targets specific species of plants with a specific herbicide. Students have supported the production of a new play—including building sets, acting, and stage management—and coded and translated 2-D graphics into 3-D visuals that demonstrate physics and mathematics principles.

Off-Campus Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Spend a summer using laser technology in chemical experiments, conducting tree research to prove (or disprove) a seismic theory, or working to enhance the nation's cybersecurity. Principia actively supports students' off-campus research opportunities; STEM students considering graduate school can apply for paid summer research opportunities funded through the National Science Foundation.